About Us

Uninterruptible Expert Service: Power Supplies and More from Powercom

Why Powercom?

Powercom is a leading tech-savvy, customer-centered uninterruptible power supply distributor specializing in prompt delivery of power protection products Morris Danhi, Powercom President Morris Danhi, Powercom President to your door. We are driven by the most outstanding customer service in the industry to offer an extensive variety of single phase, three phase, and power conditioners, emergency lighting inverters, replacement batteries, PDU’s, portable air conditioning units, and related accessories from top shelf manufacturers like Toshiba, Xtreme Power, GE, Mitsubishi, Eaton, MaxPower, GE, SolaHD, Staco, and Zonit.

For customers large and small, from point of sale POS systems and server room support to large institutions and government agencies, we provide FREE quotes, accept purchase orders, and offer an unprecedented array of Buy It Now products on our interactive, informative website. Powercom coordinates directly with manufacturers to get your order to your door in a flash. At Powercom, the real Power is the People behind the equipment!

Contact us today to receive immediate personalized and professional service via phone or email for your office or industry: 1-800-288-9807 or info@powercom.com. Get a free quote or consultation the same business day!

What Powers Us

Powercom is dedicated to consistently supporting our customers in protecting valuable data and equipment by providing prompt, professional service and offering an extensive selection of interruptible power supply battery backup and power conditioning systems directly suited for your application. Our daily goal is to spend whatever time it takes with each customer to identify the most cost-effective, efficient options. Free quotes and consultations allow us to educate our clients on their power protection needs. Powercom takes the mystery out of UPS uninterruptible power supply choices by evaluating your requirements and guiding you to the perfect power protection solution.

Who Are We?

Powercom is a family owned, locally active, web-based business that directly distributes an extensive variety of high quality UPS battery backup systems, power conditioners, replacement batteries, PDU’s, ATS’s, emergency lighting UPS’s and accessories from Toshiba, Xtreme Power, GE, Mitsubishi Eaton, MaxPower, GE, SolaHD, Staco, and Zonit. We continue to add new manufacturers to our product line to provide the widest variety of solutions possible!

Powercom has been proudly and consistently providing excellent products and outstanding customer service since 1989. Owner/Operator Morris Danhi (BSEE) utilizes his problem-solving engineering skills to patiently educate and personally assist customers obtain efficient, cost effective power protection for office and industry applications. Morris treats each phone call, each quote, each inquiry with respect, interest, and genuine concern for the customer's needs and questions. Give him a call today and you'll be pleasently surprised to receive a warm hello and not a "voice jail" greeting!

In 2013, Morris's daughter, Lisa Danhi, joined the Powercom team to take on the challenge of facilitating the new website Lisa Danhi, Office Managerredesign as well as boosting outreach to our customers to enhance our ability to serve and support them. Lisa utlizes her BA in Literature and MA in Language Education to inform her technical and social media writing for Powercom, seeking to reach customers as intelligent readers and partners in business.

All staff and sales personnel are part of our family, trained and treated with the same care and attention that we extend to our customers, vendors, and other business associates. Integrity, honesty, and good old hard work are cornerstones of our daily operating procedures. Contact us today to let us know how we can serve you best! 800-288-9807 or morris@powercom.com